statement covid-19 avd

Statement on coronavirus COVID-19

Val d´Or, March 17, 2020.

Subject: COVID-19 Coronavirus

Dear customer and partner,

The World Health Organization announced last Wednesday that the epidemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19) is now qualified as a pandemic. Following this announcement, the various levels of government declared a state of health emergency. This means that governments are empowered at all times to take drastic actions. Please be aware that these actions are unpredictable, that we have no control over them and that they may affect our business.

Impacts to anticipate Although AVD benefits from a solid, local supply chain and has the production capacity necessary to be as independent as possible, we are not immune to the following potential impacts which could result in increased lead times :

• Due to the closings of daycare centers and various childcare services, some of our employees may have to take time off work to attend to their family activities.

• For the same reason, some of our suppliers and carriers could also have reduced staff and cause certain delays in our supply and / or transportations.

• For international deliveries, we depend on the permeability of the borders as well as the airlines availability.

Our priorities in this crisis situation are as follows:

• The health of our employees, our customers and the population in general.

• Preserve the availability and quality of our drilling parts and our machining services.

• Keep delivery times as short as possible.

Also be assured that we have implemented internal awareness and control measures:

• Employee awareness meetings and symptom monitoring.

• Special programs put in place to support employees and their families in the event of forced absenteeism.

• Cancellation of international and local business trips.

• We require our suppliers to suspend their non-essential solicitations.

• We invite our customers to reduce their visits in person to the strict minimum.

If you need products or service in an emergency, please specify it when ordering to help us prioritize. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the contact details below.

Thank you for your understanding.

The AVD Management team.