Equipped to Deliver

Since its inception, Atelier Val-d’Or has invested in improving its tools and equipment. No matter the challenge, big or small, Atelier Val-d’Or can take it up.

Production tools

Design, Drawing, Programming

Autodesk Inventor(3D) and AutoCAD(2D) for mechanical design;

Autodesk Simulation Mechanical for finite element analysis;

Automation Studio for hydraulic design;

MasterCam for digital machine programming;

ProNest for digital cutting table programming.


40,000-sq.-ft. plant

Welding and Cutting Equipment

1 cutting table with scanner (flame cutting, max. 8");

1 CNC HD plasma cutting table (max. 2-1/2”);

2 hydraulic presses; capacity: 50 and 250 tonnes;

3 metal saws; max. diameter:. 18";

2 3/8" x 60" metal roll formers;

2 horizontal drilling plants;

Flame, plasma and arc-air cutting;

Arc, MIG and TIG welding;

Soft solder, silver solder, etc.

Handling Equipment

1 mobile crane (30 tonnes);

4 fork lifts;

10 overhead travelling cranes (max. 10 tonnes).

Machining Equipment

7 lathes;

Max. diameter: 35-1/2”;

Max. diameter in spindle: 9";

Max. point-to-point length: 120”;

Weight: 7,000 lbs.;

1 milling machine;

1 horizontal boring;

4 radial drills, max. capacity 2-1/2";

3 CNC lathes (with rotating tools);

2 CNC machining centres (4 axis);

1 CNC machining centre (5 axis).

Other Equipment

Commtest vbSeries portable vibration analysis unit.