minimum operations avd covid19

Operations at minimal level at AVD in support of priority and essential activities.

Val d´Or, April 6th, 2020.

Subject: Operations at minimal level at AVD in support of priority and essential activities.

Dear customers, suppliers and partners,

The purpose of this communication is to inform you that we are invited by government authorities to maintain a minimum level of operations. This is because we are a key supplier for several priority and essential services in Quebec. Rest assured that in these times of crisis, our motivations are not pecuniary, but rather to be able to perform our duty as a key supplier by contributing responsibly and securely to the collective effort against covid-19 and to the support of essential services.


Our management team and the team in charge of taking orders are fully operational in teleworking and we invite you to use the usual communication channels described here:

In order to ensure that we comply with the minimum and priority operating instructions, we have implemented new requirements for requests for quotes and orders processing:

For AVD to respond to a request for quotation:

  • The client must have demonstrated, using a supporting document (government authorization or official letter from a director or officer) that the latter is indeed recognized as an “essential service” and / or authorized to operate according to the current government rules.

For AVD to respond to an order:

  • The customer must attach to each order confirmation (PO), a statement attesting that the order is essential for the maintenance of its essential operations.

Also be reassured that we are motivated to comply with the health standards prescribed by the various levels of government and health organizations and intend to draw inspiration from known best practices in order to ensure the safety of those involved. We have also set up exemplary management methods aimed, among other things:

  • The physical layout of the workplace and the implementation of processes taking into account the latest established health regulations.
  • Installation of protective and sanitary equipment and instructions on the use of these.
  • Establishment of means of control of everything that enters and everything that leaves the establishment.
    • Reduced to the strict minimum: The comings and goings of people as well as the receipt and dispatch of goods.
    • Controlled: Symptoms of individuals entering and leaving the establishment.
    • Cleaned: Routines of cleaning instructions applying to workstations and to all surfaces likely to be at risk.

The measures taken are scheduled to be in effect until May 4th, 2020 but we expect that the situation may last longer. The situation can change from hour to hour. We invite you to stay aware of new developments via your email box, also follow us on social media to stay informed. More information on our website:

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us using the contact details below or through your regular contacts.

Thank you for your understanding,

The AVD Management Team.